AppsUnite – control your data, your apps and your users


I’m proud to announce that my fantastic software development team has just launched  a new cloud service designed for small businesses with between 1 and 30 users. Its called AppsUnite!

Do have a look at the AppsUnite website here for more information. For only $4.95 per user per month you can get your business onto the cloud!

Essentially we created this cloud file storage and app delivery service out of feedback from current clients and the many requests we’ve had from people this year, asking about what apps they should be using for their business and more importantly how they can control their precious business data in a controlled environment (unlike DropBox which does not allow a business owner to completely control their data across a number of devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc).

We’re evolving this product every week, so please provide feedback to our developers so they can continue to enhance AppsUnite for you.