About Nigel Heyn


Nigel Heyn is a passionate, business and technology centric entrepreneur.

With a natural instinct drawn towards technology, Nigel, under the guidance of his father, successfully built his first desktop computer system at the tender age of 8. This started a journey of research, innovation and technology exploration that continues today.

Nigel has successfully build several companies, all underpinned by the perpetual desire to leverage technology smarts in order to positively influence business models and realise stakeholder dreams.

Leveraging a vast network of global contacts established over the past two decades, Nigel thrives on learning what best practices exist in order to enhance his businesses and in-turn his clients’ success.

With a vision to provide business and technology excellence throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Nigel has set aspirational goals to build a series of ventures for the future to conquer this challenge. In association with this, Nigel’s life-long goal is to build a cancer research institute and play a small part in giving back to everyone who has supported him over the years.

In order to achieve true success, Nigel understands the importance of building a team of the best talent available and thus welcomes the opportunity for those sharing similar dreams to reach out and be a part of the vision.

In the words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”!

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