5 Hot business technology trends to watch this year


Mobile Cloud - work anytime, anywhere, any device!

Each year I’m often asked what my predictions are for the business technology scene in Australia. Thus, below is a quick summary of where I believe things will be hot in 2014:

  1. Mobile – everyone is saying it, but mobile will continue to be the platform all business owners MUST adopt. This means, from your website being completely mobile friendly, to being able to conduct all business functions from your mobile (communications, transactions, CRM, finance, HR, BI, etc) and ultimately being able to run your entire business from your mobile device – anytime, anywhere!
  2. eCommerce – will become much easier to embrace thanks to the likes of Stripe.com & Amazon.com, both who provide great platforms to enable businesses to launch the best online shopping experiences possible for their consumers. This includes breaking down the barriers to setting up online merchant facilities, which Stripe has mastered quite well.
  3. File sharing consolidation in the cloud – this will occur relatively quickly I feel, as more small business users fall out of fashion with the likes of Dropbox, due to the lack of security and control over shared data. We’ve recently seen a number of small businesses rely too much upon such platforms and in turn be burnt as a result of this lack of true file security across users.
  4. Custom apps – as businesses look for ways to make it easier to engage with their clients, simple apps that work across multiple devices continues to seek high demand from businesses across the nation. Thanks to the cloud, its become cheaper and easier for these apps to come to life.
  5. Bespoke business app stores – as more users adopt their own devices (BYOD) and subsequently need to know what apps your business has chosen as the keys to business success, there will be a growing need for businesses to define what systems and software one must use to work with their business data. Without these business apps stores specific to your firm, staff will likely install and use many of their own apps to simply get the job done, risking sharing your data to 3rd parties across the globe, whom you often don’t have any control over!

AppsUnite – control your data, your apps and your users


I’m proud to announce that my fantastic software development team has just launched  a new cloud service designed for small businesses with between 1 and 30 users. Its called AppsUnite!


Do have a look at the AppsUnite website here for more information. For only $4.95 per user per month you can get your business onto the cloud!

Essentially we created this cloud file storage and app delivery service out of feedback from current clients and the many requests we’ve had from people this year, asking about what apps they should be using for their business and more importantly how they can control their precious business data in a controlled environment (unlike DropBox which does not allow a business owner to completely control their data across a number of devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc).

We’re evolving this product every week, so please provide feedback to our developers so they can continue to enhance AppsUnite for you.